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Tea Tree & Charcoal Soap

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The Classic Tea Tree Charcoal Soap!  True herbal, earthy and medicinal aroma of tea tree. Works as a cleanser and drives acne away! Activated charcoal removes impurities and toxins, helping you have a clear skin!!
Ingredients: Pure Olive oil, Distilled Water, Refined Organic Coconut oil, Sustainable Palm oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Sweet almond oil, Castor oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Colloidal oats, Kaolin Clay, Cron Starch. 
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I’m a HUGE chapstick fan. I have big lips so hydration is key. This lip balm had my lips feeling moisturized for a LONG time. And the smell...amazing! I’m 100% satisfied with my purchase. I’m definitely going to order it again!

Lianet on Oct 31, 2020

LOVE THIS SOAP. It has a wonderful smell of roses. This soap has a good lather to it. After I take a shower I feel so clean and refreshed, and my skin feels so soft and smooth. When my soap arrived, It came as pictured. I had it sitting in my bedroom for a couple days, and my whole room smelled like a rose garden... I’m definitely purchasing it again!!

Lianet on Oct 31, 2020