In order to have a long-lasting bar, Handmade soap needs fresh air between uses. CAN’T be left drowning in water. What you CAN do is to store your soap in well drained soap dish, letting air circulate. You may use a loofah or wash cloth to extend the soap life.


These Soaps are handmade and hand cut. They go for about 5oz each and approximately 3.5”x3.5”x1” or 3”x3.5”x1”. Each soap will have their own specifications.

As these are handmade soaps, please allow for slight variation between bars, I do my best to replicate them. When shipped, soap bars are shrink wrapped and labeled with 100% recycled paper. The images on this website are for reference only.

FDA Regulations

FDA regulates cosmetics under the FD&C Act, cosmetics must not be adultered or misbranded and must be properly labeled.

Soap is defined as a product composed mainly by Alkali and Fats(oils). Lye reacts with the fats and becomes soap.

FDA prohibits bath and body companies to make health related claims about beauty products. The information and properties about specific ingredients used and provided by Zen Lilies is for educational purposes only. I am not a medical or health care professional; my products are not intended to cure or prevent any disease, nor should the information given be taken as medical advice. If pregnant, consult your medical provider before use.