About Us

A short story about me and how Zen Lilies came to life!! 
A cuban girl who came to a great country full of opportunities!! Hold a Bachelors of Arts in International Business and an extensive background in the banking industry. Now, what does any of that have to do with Natural Skin care? Nothing, really :) I've always had sensitive skin, and love being creative. I started watching videos of experienced soap makers and loved it! 
Soon enough,  I started learning and reading about Soap making. Since I love books, I got my self three books of renowned Soap makers such as Anne Marie from "BrambleBerry" and Kelly Cable from "Simple life Mom" , both amazing! 
Now, I have developed my own soap recipes, and different skin care products. I pride myself in creating handmade soaps and skin care of great quality, using natural ingredients and Essential oils. 
Natural products are just amazing for your skin..it will look and feel different. Soft, moisturizing, conditioning! 
Switch today to Handmade and feel the difference!!